Dear Friends


Sasol National Winter Swimming Championships 24thJune to 29th June 2019.

This will be our 48th Sasol National Winter Championships!!!

It is once again our privilege to invite you to participate in the Sasol National Winter Club Swimming Championships which is being held in Sasolburg. 

The seeding remains the same with the fastest thirty times being circle seeded.


Please Note:

  • The age groups being swum at these Winter Champs are 9 & under, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 & over.
  • The relays will be swum as follows: 10 & under, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16 and 17 & over.
  • Event 110 and 111, being the ladder relays for female and male will be swum in this order: 10&u, 11-12, 13-14 and 15-16.
  • THIS YEAR, THERE WILL BE A MINI VICTOR LODORUM & VITRIX LUDORUM. This will be up to the age of 12 years. The junior trophy will be contested from the age of 13 to the age of 16 years and the senior trophy will be from 17 years and upwards.
  • All events will be swum as heats in the morning and finals in the afternoon. Only the long distances: 1500m free, 800m free, 400m free, 200m fly and the 400m IM will be swum as timed finals. 

We would like to suggest that participating clubs once again become responsible for manning a lane. Please also let us know which other duties your officials are willing to perform. We would very much appreciate it if you would encourage your parents to assist with officiating as it is in the best interest of all our swimmers that the gala is well manned. Please fill in the Officials List and return it with your entries.

Officials will be required to wear white tops and navy slacks/skirts on Thursday and Saturday.

The organisers are not responsible for arranging accommodation, but we will try to be of assistance where possible.
Please visit our accommodation page for a list of accommodation available in and around Sasolburg.

Please read the rules carefully to prevent confusion. 

Please fill in the entry forms by swimmers names and not by event. Submit swimmers Christian names in place of initials. Entries must preferably be e-mailed as per Team Manager 8 or per the official entry form. Please note: it is of utmost importance that the same event number is used as on the programme. The organisers will not be held responsible if incorrect event numbers are submitted.

Since certain restrictions with reference to advertising have been laid down by our sponsor, participating clubs are requested to consult the organising committee should they wish to advertise or sell anything at the pool. All swimmers and spectators automatically gives permission to use any photos for marketing purposes.

There will be no Managers Meeting held as all relative information will be in the Managers parcel. This will be collected at gate 2, at the entrance, on Monday morning. 

The march past will be held on Thursday 27th June, at 13h00. Finals will commence straight after the march past. Please come prepared. However, the starting time might change, due to the finishing time of the welcome ceremony. 

Owing to the fact that the gala will be run under FINA rules, drug testing can be expected. Certificates for all medication must be submitted on the first day of the gala. Ten (10) lanes will be used and a One Start Rule will apply for the duration of the gala. 

Please note: As per Swimming South Africa, swimmers must be registered two weeks prior to these championships. Please do not enter unregistered swimmers! 

Closing date for entries is Friday 7th June 2019 and rule 9 will be strictly applied. 

Please mail entries or fax hard copies to: Linda Barnard, Winter Championships, Fax no 086 500 1177 or e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Cheques to be made out to: Sasol Winter Championships.
Direct deposits can be made into the following account:
Sasol Winter Championships
Absa Bank Sasolburg
Account No. 4049499947
Branch Code: 632005.
A copy of the deposit slip, clearly marked with the club name and “entry fees” should be faxed to Linda Barnard, Fax No. 086 500 1177. Please ensure that your entry fee is paid as one amount by the club. We will not accept entry fee deposited by individual swimmers.


Cash Prizes will be awarded again this year to the clubs scoring the most points in the Senior and Junior sections as follows:

Juniors:  1st Prize :   R3 000.00                        Seniors:  1st Price :  R3 000.00

                2nd Prize:   R2 000.00                                          2nd Prize: R2 000.00

                3rd Prize:    R1 500.00                                         3rd Prize:  R1 500.00

Individual prizes will be awarded as follows:

Juniors: 1st Prize:   R100.00                           Seniors:  1st Prize:   R200.00

                2nd Prize:  R  75.00                                           2nd Prize:  R100.00

                3rd Prize:   R  50.00                                           3rd Prize:   R  50.00

The qualifying time for the Men 1500m Freestyle event will be 20:00.00 and Men 800m Freestyle will be 10:00:00. The Ladies 1500m Freestyle will be 22:00.00 and the Ladies 800m Freestyle will be 11:00:00. Swimmers who do not submit times for these two events, will not be permitted to swim.

Please do not forget to enter your relay teams. Relays will not be re-seeded in order to accommodate late entries. Please enter relay teams on the original entry form. All completed relay forms with name and order, must be handed in by 12h00 on the day of the event. Please note : No Relay Forms will be accepted after 12h00 on the day of the relay. Forms for details of relay events will be available at the Admin Office and in your Manager’s parcels. However, the Relay Forms for the Saturday relays must be handed in at the office on the Friday by 12h00. 

Our Sponsors host a Wednesday night informal function, to all the Coaches and Team Managers to thank them for their hard work and dedication. Kindly hand in the names of your representatives by Tuesday at the recording office.

All information regarding the event as well as the revised program is available on our website : & on Facebook.

We are looking forward to seeing all our friends in Sasolburg again this year!!!

Yours in Swimming

Linda Barnard


Sasol National Winter Swimming Championships