Sasol National Winter Swimming Championships from 24th June to 29thJune 2019

at the Penny Heyns Swimming Pool, Sasolburg


  1. The age of the swimmer shall be taken as his/her age on 24th June, 2019.

  2. Morning sessions start at 09h00 and the start of the afternoon session will be announced as soon as the morning heats have been finalised. All Team Managers to please ensure that swimmers report timeously as we are running against time.

  3. The Championships shall be contested on an inter-club basis.
    Points shall be awarded as follows: 12 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 with 10 bonus points for swimmers setting a new record. Bonus points will be awarded for records established in both the morning and afternoon events. Double points shall be awarded for “A” relay teams. Medals will be awarded to swimmers placed first, second and third in all events, including relay events.

  4. A floating trophy will be awarded to the club scoring the highest number of points (aggregate) and floating trophies will also be awarded to teams scoring the most points in both the junior and senior section.

  5. Swimmers may only enter in his / her own age group, however juniors may enter in the 12&O events.

  6. Entry fees are as follows: R30.00 registration per swimmer, plus R40.00 per individual event and R80.00 per team event. Entry fees must be submitted with entries. Cheques to be made payable to Sasol Winter Championships. No refund will be made in the case of scratchings or in the event of incorrectly entering swimmers who have not qualified for the 800m and 1500m Freestyle events. Direct deposits can be made to: Sasol Winter Championships, Absa Bank Sasolburg, Account No. 4049499947, Branch Code: 632005.
    We do not accept payments done by individual parents, only through the clubs.

  7. Clubs may enter two relay teams per event. Both teams will score points as set out in rule 3 above. Combined teams will not be allowed to take part in relay events. Please note that Events 110 & 111 (Ladder Relays) will be swum in ages: 10 & under, 11-12, 13-14 & 15-16. 

  8. Names and/or changes for relay teams to be submitted by 12h00 on the day of the relay. 

  9. The closing date for entries is Friday 7th June, 2019. Late entries for both individual and relay events will only be accepted the previous day, provided there are lanes available. The entry fee for all late entries will be R30.00 for swimmers not already registered plus R80.00 per event and R160.00 for relay events. The No Show penalty for the morning heats has been scrapped but a no show in the afternoon finals will be penalised with R200.00. 

  10. Junior Swimmers in Senior Events:
    Junior swimmers are not eligible to come into consideration for the Senior Aggregate Trophies. Points scored in senior events by juniors will be transferred to the junior section.
    All long distance events marked 12 & over will be broken up into two age groups – 12-16 and 17 & over. 

  11. A responsible club official must certify that swimmers are entered in the correct age group. The swimmers best recorded time for the 2018/2019 swimming season must also be submitted.

  12. Scratching:
     a.  Only the team manager may notify the organisers of scratching.
    Scratching will only be accepted on the official scratching forms provided.
    Scratching after the start of finals: R200.00 fine will be levied.  
     d.  Scratching from the afternoon final events, to be handed in to the office 30 minutes after the posting of the results for the        particular race.
          A penalty of R200.00 will be levied for a No Show in the Finals.
     e.  A medical certificate or other reason acceptable to the Appeal Committee appointed by the Organising Committee will            overrule paragraphs c and d mentioned above.

  13. Please note that there are qualifying times for the 800m and 1500m Freestyle events. Swimmers who do not submit times will not be permitted to swim in these two events.
    No refund of entry fees will be given.

  14. In case of a dispute, the decision of the referee and the organising committee will be final. No video camera recording of an event will be permitted to be used in the case of an appeal against a disqualification.

  15. All swimmers must be registered two weeks prior to the championships. SSA registration numbers are required.

  16. Heat pumps will be left on during the tournament.

    All events will be circle seeded in the heats, but will be contested in Age Groups in the finals.

  17. Please note: According to the latest legislation - smoking is prohibited at public areas.

  18.  Entrance Fee will be : Adults R40-00 per day and children 12/U R20-00 per day. Week tickets Adults : R200 for the week and children 12/U R100 for the week. 

  19. Due to the fact that we accept late entries and scratching, programs will be available at the entrance for R20-00 for the morning program and R20-00 for the finals program.

  20. Due to technology all results will be available on Meetmobile at the end of a session.


To print a copy of the rules, please click on the file below: